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I got my iPhone 11 on Saturday after being an Android user for the last 2 years. After using it for only 48 hours, I was completely blown away by how great a phone it is, even though it’s the “cheap” one. I originally switched from iOS to Android because I wanted to give it a try and I wanted more customization. While I do prefer iOS, I did very much enjoy using Android and had few qualms with my Galaxy S8. I missed the seamlessness of iOS, the better optimized apps (this is really on devs), integrations with other Apple products, iMessage, and even the physical mute switch. With that being said, there were some things I absolutely loved about Android and will definitely miss. I loved having loads of customization, placing apps wherever you want (seriously Apple, you still haven’t done this?), being able to download apps from wherever you want, notification channels, and having more control over your device. My first experience back to iOS was not good. I had most of my things backed up to Google services (namely Photos and Calendar), so I didn’t have to do much transferring from android to iOS. I did have to transfer my contacts, so I had planned to use Apple’s Move To iOS app. However, the app is terrible and didn’t work. I was worried that I’d have to lose most of my contacts because I was trading in my phone (I would have manually put in any important ones). However, genius struck me as I realized I could export my contacts to Google Drive as a .vcf file, download Google Drive on the iPhone, and then hopefully be able to import them. Luckily, that worked surprisingly well and quickly, but it was not a pleasant experience. When I finished the setup process, it was at about 85%. I used it for hours after I got it, setting everything up and just generally enjoying using an all new phone. For the rest of the day, I was testing performance and battery life. Performance was flawless, with the exception of a Shortcut causing the phone to freeze and stutter, likely because it was over 200 actions. Battery life was ridiculously good. I was trying to kill this phone but just couldn’t. I had over 6 hours of screen on time and this behemoth ended with about 30% battery life. In a total of over 6 hours, I lost just over half its battery. That’s ridiculous, and no where near my S8’s battery life even at the start of its lifespan. Being back to an iPhone means I can truly enjoy all the Apple benefits. I love being a blue bubble again. It’s nice having properly optimized apps again (which again, is due to developers, not Google or Android). iOS also has a plethora of great exclusive apps, the most notable of which I use are Apollo, Overcast, Fiery Feeds, and GamePigeon. I love having Handoff, Continuity, and syncing between my MacBook Pro and iPad. Even though I could emulate many of their features with other apps or features, such as Chrome’s ability to send a tab to another device, Apple simply does all of this better and more seamlessly. Other features like FaceID and gesture navigation work so well that it took me all of 0 seconds to instantly get used to them. I love Android, but I love my iPhone and iOS even more. 48 hours in, my experience can be explained with just one word: wow. I plan on staying with Apple for the foreseable future, and I can’t wait to see what else they do with the iPhone and other products in the future.