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Send the ravens! Let it be known throughout the realm that the KovsieApp is here. #KovsieApp #WinterIsHere #TheFutureIsHere #GameOfPhones The #KovsieApp is now available for download. This mobile app is compatible with both #Apple and #Android devices and will enable users to access information from the UFS website on their mobile phones at no cost while connected to the on-campus Wi-Fi network. The first roll-out of the KovsieApp will be primarily aimed at students, who will be able to access their personal information, such as study records, marks, class and exam timetables, mini fee statement, etc. However, for security reasons and privacy requirements, the student will have to register on the app before such information is made available. Later iterations will have additional functionality for staff, for whom space has already been allocated in the app. For more information visit