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\-Accessibility. I can play anytime i want and the free to play model is pretty darn good imo. \- I dont have to worry about the card market. When the new set comes out, I dont have to think about if a card is going to drop or rise in price. Its just going to cost me a wild card, at most. no matter that circumstance. \- Can pump out games and really get a feel for the meta in a shorter period of time. \- Has neat additional formats like Streamer Specials, and pauper stuff. \- Emotes. \- No longer have large 5 boxes of magic cards I dont use and I no longer have to figure out what im going to do with the 2000 useless commons and uncommons i have that id feel bad if i just threw them out. I do miss the actually owning all my cards and being able to shuffle them around in my hand. But all in all, the stress free aspect of MTGA seems to make it worth it. ​