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This weekend was my first FNM after moving. New lgs,new people. At my old lgs there was a couple people who very obviously didn't wash, but I figured it was just them. Unfortunately my new lgs has not just as many but even more, on account of being much larger and much busier. What's worse, not only was this my first fnm at this location, it was the first a local friend of mine had gone to ever, after it took me a few weeks of promising I'd go with him after I moved closer and it'd be fun. It wasn't. I was grossed out, and he was basically disgusted and isn't interested in coming back. And I don't blame him after having to sit by several people who smelled like a combination dumpster and public toilet. So for the health and dignity of not only yourself, but the attendees of the places you visit. PLEASE TAKE A BATH. Seriously. *Please*.